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New York City, 2083. After decades of floods, infrastructure disasters, and abandonment, what was once the greatest city on Earth has shrunk to northern Manhattan and a few enclaves in the Bronx and Staten Island.

Pest controllers keep it livable for the few people who remain, and the only industries are tourism and bio-research. By law they're limited to using non-lethal methods like sound cannons and pheromones, until a massive rat horde spurs the mayor to lift the no-kill order for two weeks.

Raised to believe it was morally indefensible to kill an animal, Felicia Shepherd is a pest controller who tries to deal with the swarms of rats and roaches plaguing her city without hurting anything. As if that weren't enough, she's also wrestling with a growing suspicion that her mother, who disappeared after a horrible accident with a neural implant, isn't actually dead.


And the fact that the rat and roach swarms seem to be... talking to her.

Written by Honor Vincent, with art by George Quadros, colors by DC Alonso, letters by Lucas Gattoni, and cover art by Ariel Medel and Saul Shavanas, and George Quadros.

Comics like Trees, Low, Swamp Thing, Apocalyptigirl, and

fine films like Joe's Apartment, The Thing, and Soylent Green...'ll like New Rat City! We hope.

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